Timetable Helsinki Feis 2023

TimeCompetitionComp No.
9:00Doors open
9:30Opening of the competition
9:45Beginner level
Beginner Reel U181
Beginner Reel O181a, 1b
Beginner Light Jig any age2, 2a, 2b
Beginner Single Jig any age3, 3a, 3b
Beginner Slip Jig any age4, 4a, 4b
Beginner Trophy Light any age5
Beginner Treble Jig any age6, 6a, 6b
Beginner Hornpipe O307b
Beginner Trophy Heavy any age8
11:00Primary level
Primary Reel O189a
Primary Light Jig any age10, 10a, 10b
Primary Single Jig O3011b
Primary Slip Jig any age12, 12a, 12b
Primary Trophy Light any age13
Primary Treble Jig any age14, 14a, 14b
Primary Hornpipe any age15, 15a, 15b
Primary Trophy Heavy any age16
Beginner/Primary Trad Set any age17
12:25Beginner + Primary results
13:00Team competitions
Beg/Pri 2/3-Hands any age18
Inter/Open 2/3-Hands any age19
4/6-Hands any age20
13:20Intermediate level
Intermediate Reel any age22, 22a, 22b
Intermediate Slip Jig any age23, 23a, 23b
Intermediate Trophy Light any age24
Intermediate Treble Jig any age25, 25a, 25b
Intermediate Hornpipe any age26, 26a, 26b
Intermediate Trophy Heavy any age27
Inter/Open Trad Set any age28
14:50Teams + Intermediate results
Premier Championships U2529
Premier Championships O2530
Adult Championships O1831
17:00Championships results
Show choreography any age32
18:30Show results
18:45Finish of the competition