Grade Exams 2020

inSpiral Dance Company Finland will host Grade Exams in Turku, Finland.

Grade Exams from preliminary to grade 10 are open to all dancers from CLRG schools and will be held on Sunday 1st of March 2020.
Venue for the Grade Exams:
Turun Riento studio (Turun Riento, Uudenmaankatu 16, 20500 Turku, Finland).

Grade Exams will start at approximately 9 am and run for the entire Sunday.

Dancers from inSpiral Dance Company Finland : Registrate by using this form.

Dancers from other CLRG schools : Registration only by teachers using this form (.xlsx) emailed to Tereza Bernardov√° (TCRG) by email at

All grades (prelim-10) : January 29th 2020
Fees and other arrangements can be found here:

Facebook event for Turku Grade Exams